We make sure you're getting the results you're paying for!

If you're paying more than $1200 /month on SEO and marketing, you need to make sure you're getting results you deserve.

Each month we take a snapshot of where you are at in terms of SEO, analyze the results and provide you with a graded executive report so you know exactly how things are going.

Without this report, you're leaving it up to your SEO provider to self-assess and tell you just how well they are performing.

With these reports, you'll know how well they're doing.

Everything you need to know

What we measure

I monitor the key metrics that are indicitive of SEO growth and present these to you monthly in an easy to understand report.

Top Pages

We'll show you your top performing pages so you know where you need work to gain market share.

Your keyword rankings

How you are performing for your targeted keywords and whether they are improving or declining.

Quality Backlinks Won

I keep track of who is linking to you and score the quality of that link

Detect poor backlinks

Not all backlinks are equal and sometimes they can be detremental. We alert you to possible low-quality spam links so you can address them.

Domain Authority

A score of 0-100 that grades your site as a whole and gives you a metric to measure against, month after month.

Google index status

Make sure that all your pages are indexed in google

Broken Links

Nothing worse than presenting a 404 page to a customer who wants to buy. We check your site for broken links to avoid these.

Website Uptime

What good is all this work if your site is down? We keep track of when we detected outages.

Block list Monitoring

I monitor all the block lists to make sure your site has not ended up on one.

Plagarism Checker

I make sure the content being created for you is not plagarised from somewhere else.

You're hands-on and so are we!

Just like you we're diligent at our craft. This means that everything is compiled and analyzed by us to ensure that you receive a clear and concise executive report that proves to you how things are really going.

Stop wondering if you're getting what you're paying for

Get started today and know, without a doubt, if you're getting what you're paying for from your SEO Agency.

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